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Getting Disability Benefits With Disabling Pain And Fatigue

If you suffer severe pain or fatigue, you know how severely these conditions can impact your life. But try as you might, your words can never explain how painful these conditions really are. In fact, medical science cannot measure the pain that people feel, making it difficult to prove that a person has a disabling condition for the purposes of obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Nor can science measure fatigue, which can be equally disabling for work.But your pain is so bad that it impairs your ability to work or even perform daily tasks. How can you prove that your pain and fatigue are real?The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown, Ltd., has answers to this question. We help people who suffer from chronic pain and fatigue to obtain SSD benefits. Our law firm has helped thousands of people in the Chicago area and northern Illinois obtain benefits, and we want to help you.

Please schedule a free initial consultation with a Chicago Social Security Disability lawyer today. You may contact our firm online or you may reach us by phone at 888-529-0600.

Building A Strong Doctor-Patient Relationship

The strength of your SSD claim lies in your medical record. It is important then, to place information into your medical record that describes your pain and the difficulty you have performing tasks. Working closely with you, we will plan to develop the medical information that can prove your disabling condition to the satisfaction of the Social Security Disability system.

We will teach you how to communicate with your doctor, to clearly state your symptoms and insist that your doctor note these comments in the record. Keeping a diary of your symptoms and their effects can help in this regard.

Personal Service From A Local SSD Law Firm

As your medical treatment proceeds, we will have regular consultations with you working with our experienced team of paralegal and support personnel. Your first meeting with our office will be either face-to-face with a lawyer in one of our five Chicago area offices, or on the telephone if that is your preference. When we feel confident in the contents of your medical record and the strength of your case, our law firm can represent you in an SSD appeal, seeking approval of your claim.

Chicago SSD Attorneys For Disabling Pain And Fatigue Claims

To learn more about obtaining SSD benefits for a disabling pain or fatigue condition, contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd.

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