What To Expect From A Social Security Law Firm

On behalf of Jeffrey Rabin of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. posted in General on Thursday, March 24, 2016.

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Social Security in the US is a federal government program that has been designed to provide cash assistance to retirees as well as those who cannot earn a living as a result of a disability. A Social Security law firm in Wheaton deals with cases that fall into the second category; physical or mental disability. These lawyers are highly skilled, they are intimate with all the laws that pertain to disability and are available to help those making an application, although the majority of the time their services are sought when the initial application is denied.

If a person wishes to receive disability benefits from Social Security, he or she must prove to the Administration that they are truly disabled and unable to perform any gainful work. Although this might sound simple, it is not. The Social Security Administration uses a complex and highly detailed process when attempting to determine if the applicant meets the criteria laid down in their “blue book.” The process is very detailed; the administration studies all the medical records of the applicant, the work history and whether the claimed disability is one that is covered in the book. Legal professionals from a Social Security law firm in Wheaton knows what the inspectors are looking for, they know what documents should accompany the application; they ensure that neither too little nor too much information is sent to support the claim.

Disability lawyers are particularly helpful when the initial claim has been denied. The lawyer will immediately request that the application be reconsidered. As a different administrative official will review the application there are times when approval will be given at this stage, however, the greatest majority of requests are also sent back. It is at this time the lawyers will make a motion, requesting that their client’s case be heard by an Administrative Law Judge. The application is review by the judge in the presence of the applicant and his legal representative. This is actually the first contact between the Administration and the applicant, it is obviously the ideal time to demonstrate the disability and respond to any questions that the judge might have. Often the Social Security law firm in Wheaton that is handling the case find it helpful to bring along occupational and medical experts that can attest to the seriousness of the condition and the fact that the condition makes it impossible for the claimant to work. At this stage of the process the majority of claims are approved although, if not, there are further steps that the lawyer can take on behalf of the client.

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