Can An Attorney Help If You Were Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

On behalf of Jeffrey Rabin of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. posted in SSD on Friday, August 19, 2016.

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There is no specific requirement that you have a lawyer with you during your disability hearing, but the chances of success are far better if you do. It has been proven time after time that an applicant for disability benefits that is represented by an experienced Social Security attorney in Rockford is twice as likely to be granted approval vs. an applicant that does not have an attorney.

What is the disability hearing?

There are five possible stages when applying for disability benefits: in the likely event, the initial application is denied the process moves to a request for reconsideration, a hearing, the appeals council and finally, federal court.

The best opportunity for those applications that are denied to finally be approved is at the administrative law judge hearing. During the hearing, you and your Social Security attorney in Rockford will present medical evidence to support your claim. During the hearing, the court will often present expert witnesses to rebut your claim. It is at this point that having legal representation to cross-examine these experts really helps in winning your claim.

How does the attorney help?

There are numerous things that your attorney will do, one of the most important is gathering and assessing all your past medical records. The administrative law judge will be looking for inconsistencies or gaps in your treatment history; it is the task of the attorney to find all the records for perusal by the judge.

Not only does the attorney ensure that your medical records are complete, he or she will prepare you for questions that you can expect to be asked during the hearing. Having prepared many clients for this stage of the process, a Social Security attorney in Rockford will know what to expect and as a result, be in a position to help you with the testimony that you will give.

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