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Did you know that over 50% of Social Security disability applicants are denied at the initial stage and about 75% of all claims are rejected? Simple errors on the application or medical records are often the reason for an application to be rejected. The biggest error of all, however, is the failure to appeal on time! As your Social Security disability Lawyer in Lake County, we are sharing important information that you should know about appealing a disability claim.

Do Not Give Up

A lot of claims are denied because the medical evidence is not sufficient to prove that you are totally disabled. You may not be seeing the proper specialists, there could be inadequate records, your doctor may not meet the legal requirements, or the Social Security Administration’s reviewers misinterpreted the medical records provided. It is rare for the SSA to deny that you have a medical diagnosis or that you are impaired, however, the SSA will deny that you have provided the legal requirement of being “totally disabled”. As your disability lawyer in Lake County, we advise you not to give up! Our team will work with you to make certain the medical proof is as strong as possible.

The Biggest Mistakes Made When Appealing

A lot of applicants simply fail to appeal once their initial application for Social Security disability benefits is denied. Other applications think that they can just file a brand new claim. A new claim may not be successful either and if it is, you’d be leaving money on the table by losing many months that you could have been eligible. Lastly, many claimants who decide to appeal miss filing deadlines! As your disability lawyer in Lake County, we understand that it is hard to keep track of deadlines like this, especially if you are very ill and on medication. There are just 60 days in which to appeal decisions made by Social Security.

Disability Lawyer Lake County

The appeals process can be very challenging, and it is a good point to bring in experienced legal help. Having a Social Security lawyer in Lake County at any stage of the process of filing your claim for benefits will greatly enhance the probability of having a successful claim. However, at the appeals process, time is of the essence because an appeal needs to be written within 60 days of receiving the denial. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help significantly.

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