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Early Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and expedited claims

Published on May 8th, 2014

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. This disease takes a tremendous toll upon the individual suffering from the condition and on the family of that person as well.

Sadly, we are also seeing a large number of cases dealing with early onset of Alzheimer’s. One woman’s mother began showing signs of this condition when she was 62-years-old. The mother demonstrated signs of serious confusion, had left bills unpaid which resulted in the heat in the home being shut-off and she did not seem to have the capacity to deal with or resolve these problems.

In a recent development, the Social Security Administration has expedited matters dealing with an early onset of Alzheimer’s through the Compassionate Allowance program. That the SSA recognizes that this condition requires expedited treatment reveals just how telling the consequences of this disease can be.

We’ve written about the expending claims through the Compassionate Allowance initiative. We’ve also written that though this program allows for expediting of claims, the process is complex under any circumstances. The burden of proof for Social Security disability benefit eligibility is high whether for expedited claims for any other disability claims.

A problem concerning individuals suffering from early onset of Alzheimer’s is receiving an accurate diagnosis. Physicians simply do not always properly understand the disease or even consider it could be present among their middle-aged patients. Not having such a diagnosis in place can result in a Social Security disability insurance claim being denied.

Please do consult with an experienced attorney to make certain your SSDI claim is properly addressed. Without the resources and available finances, dealing with a devastating disease like Alzheimer’s can often seem insurmountable.

Source: WCF Courier, “Early onset Alzheimer’s devastating,” Kathy Martin, May 2, 2014

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