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Getting Help When Applying for SSD Benefits

Published on December 27th, 2011

It can be overwhelming when a person suffers an injury or illness that prevents them from working. Often, the process to begin receiving Social Security disability benefits can be complicated, but there are places to turn for help.

Working with someone experienced in filing the necessary paperwork can not only help to speed up the process, but also allows an individual to focus on their own recovery. Mountains of paperwork can be overwhelming for anyone, but working with someone who is prepared for the vast amount of paperwork required can help simplify the process.

Additionally, as someone is applying for Social Security disability benefits, the language and legal issues that they may encounter can be frustrating. An attorney will be able to explain the process and help move things forward.

A person’s medical history can also be complicated. It can be difficult for someone to remember the details of their medical history, especially if they have taken a number of different medications or have been treated for a variety of different ailments. Working with someone who has the technology to maintain a person’s health and medical history can help make the process go smoothly.

Working with an attorney or other experienced professional can also be helpful in identifying what programs an individual might qualify for, in addition to sorting out any errors that were made in the process.

Although it may feel hopeless, even those individuals who have been denied disability benefits have somewhere to turn for help. In many cases, individuals are denied because sufficient medical information was not provided. To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, an individual needs to prove that they are totally disabled. An attorney can help an individual appeal a denied claim, and work to get them the benefits they deserve.

Source: Marketwatch, “6 Reasons to get Help When Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance,” Dec. 27, 2011

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