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Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you are not able to work due to a disability or illness, you may be able to obtain Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. However, a high percentage of initial SSD claims are denied because they lack critical information or that information was not presented properly. With help from an experienced lawyer, you may still be able to get your benefits claim approved.

Experienced Cook County SSD Attorneys

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd., is a team of lawyers with years of experience representing people in SSD appeals. We have helped thousands of people in the Chicago, Illinois, area obtain benefits, and we want to help you.

Contact us today for a free consultation with a Social Security Disability attorney.

How We Can Help

When you come to our downtown office, you will meet an attorney who cares about you and your future. During a free consultation, this attorney can review your case, explain the SSD process and discuss what we can do for you.

When you hire us to represent you, we will work diligently to get your claim approved. We can:

Help you communicate with your doctor — This will get vital medical information into your record, which can support your claim.

Gather important medical information — We will collect this information and present it to the Social Security Administration in the proper manner.

Provide results-oriented representation — Our law firm will work to build a strong and successful case. We can file a Request for Reconsideration or if necessary represent you in a Social Security Disability appeal.

A Local Attorney Can Make A Difference

Our attorneys and staff live and work here. We know the doctors and medical providers in the Chicago area, and the administrative law judges and Social Security personnel know and respect our law firm. The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown, Ltd., will provide responsive service throughout your case, keeping you informed and working hard to obtain SSD benefits for you.

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we charge no money upfront and no hourly fees.

Contact A Chicago Social Security Disability Attorney

To schedule a free consultation about your SSD claim, contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd.. Our Chicago office is located in the Loop on N. La Salle Drive, near the intersection with W. Randolph Street.

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