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How To Win Social Security Disability

When we speak of “winning” Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, we are not talking about winning the lottery, winning a prize or getting lucky. We are talking about achieving your goal of a successful application for benefits, assuming that you do meet the criteria for receiving disability benefits. SSD is not a charity or a lucky break. It is an insurance program that healthy, working people pay into and that disabled people draw benefits from when they legitimately qualify.

Important Tips To Consider

None of our SSD clients who have “won” SSD benefits would prefer disability over health. Many miss the identity that their previous careers gave them, and wish they could continue working. However, those who do meet the criteria for SSD benefits appreciate the opportunity that the program offers them for financial stability in spite of unwanted health problems. In this sense, a successful SSD application is a “win.”

Key tips that The Law Offices of Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd. , gives clients who hope to win approval for SSDI or SSI include the following:

  • Go to see a doctor early, and regularly. Get the medical analysis that you need to properly strengthen your disability benefits application.
  • Communicate clearly with doctors so that they will truly understand the extent of your medical problems.
  • Get an advocate who can review all relevant issues for you and advise you accordingly. In this way, you will be informed and can feel empowered in your own application process. For example, we advise our clients on ways to prevent social media (such as Facebook) photos and information from sabotaging their applications.

What Helps Most When It Comes To Winning Social Security Disability? In Chicago, The Law Offices of Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd. , Can Advise You.

Social media awareness is only one aspect of a successful SSD or SSI case. When you or a loved one struggles with disability, we can help you face the challenges associated with applying for Social Security benefits. Having a skilled and experienced lawyer to help you navigate the SSD process can be invaluable. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Social Security Disability benefits attorneys about how to win Social Security Disability benefits through a successful application, call 847-299-0008 or 888-529-0600 toll free. You can also contact our Illinois law offices online.

We work on a contingency fee basis. This means no money will be due up front and there will be no hourly fees. Our fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and comply with SSA guidelines. We file our fee agreement with the SSA in every case.

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