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Anxiety Disorders And Getting Social Security Disability Benefits

It can be difficult for those who do not suffer from serious anxiety to understand the full impact it can have on your life. Anxiety can be as debilitating as any other disabling condition. Anxiety can affect your personal and professional life in profound ways. For those suffering from the most severe forms of anxiety the possibility of maintaining gainful employment may be a practical impossibility.The Social Security Administration (SSA) recognizes a wide range of impairments, including anxiety, as potentially qualifying for disability benefits through either the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Securing those benefits calls for a showing that you not only suffer from anxiety, but that it also impairs your life in serious and substantial ways.

How Do I Secure Disability Benefits For My Anxiety?

To secure disability benefits from the SSA, an individual must show:

  • Generalized persistent anxiety with three out of four of the following symptoms, motor tension, autonomic hyperactivity, apprehensive expectation or vigilance and scanning

In addition, the person must show one of the following:

  • That anxiety producing at least two of the following results:
    • Marked restriction of daily activities, marked difficulties in social functioning, marked difficulties in maintaining concentration or repeated episodes of decompensation, or
  • That anxiety prevents him or her from functioning outside of his or her home

Taking your circumstances and using them to meet those requirements to the SSA’s satisfaction can require the assistance of a skilled attorney who is intimately familiar with the SSDI and SSI programs.

More Than 50 Years Of Experience Dedicated Solely To Helping Disabled Individuals Secure The Benefits They Deserve

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd. we have been dedicated to helping people secure the disability benefits they need for decades. During those years of service, we have acquired a deep understanding of what the SSA is looking for when they are making decisions regarding the granting of disability benefits. Let us put that knowledge to use helping you.

Contact The Libertyville Anxiety Disorders Disability Attorneys Of The Law Offices of Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd.

If you are living with anxiety, you need to make sure that you have access to every available resource that can help you face the challenges that confront you. Having a skilled and experienced lawyer to help navigate the SSD and SSI disability benefits process can be invaluable. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Social Security Disability attorneys, call 847-299-0008, toll free at 888-529-0600 or simply contact us online.

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we charge no money up front and no hourly fees. Our fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA), and must comply with SSA guidelines. We file our fee agreement with the SSA in every case.

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