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An Experienced Social Security Law Firm in Lake County

If you’re like many other citizens with disabilities across Lake County and beyond, you might recognize the process of applying for Social Security as complicated and even overwhelming. The good news is you can find a disability lawyer at the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd., who, with their expertise, can help make the process fast and easy. Our team of attorneys is deeply familiar with everything involved with Social Security benefits. We do everything in our power to get you the benefits you need and deserve so you can enjoy a more comfortable quality of life.

We Offer Expert Legal Assistance for Social Security Cases in Lake County

At our law firm, you’ll meet with attorneys who care about your case. We want to see you succeed and obtain the benefits you’ve previously been denied. We know everything there is to know about Social Security, including how arduous the process can be. Alongside completing several rounds of paperwork, you’ll also have to present evidence of your condition and how it affects you on a daily basis. We will walk you through the process of presenting your condition to the court, as well as every other aspect of the Social Security application process. The more informed you are, the higher your chances of obtaining your disability benefits.

We Help You Succeed Before You Pay

The last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll pay your lawyer fees. We won’t charge you a cent until you win your case and you’ve received your back-pay settlement. This is from where our payment comes. By working with our clients on a contingency basis, we increase the likelihood of client success and make things less worrisome for you. This is yet another reason you may want to consider working with one of our lawyers.

We’re Here with You

With one of our attorneys by your side, you’ll never face any aspect of the Social Security application process alone. We know how tedious this process can be, even with our years of experience, which is why we are committed to helping you 100 percent.

No matter the circumstances of your case, we are ready to assist you. Together we will get all of your paperwork in order, go over the best ways to present yourself in court and other related matters. We are always thorough and efficient, all for the sake of providing you with peace of mind as your case progresses. Whether you’re applying for disability benefits in Lake County for the first time or have endured a few failures in the past and are in need of appeals help, we can accommodate you and guide your case toward success. Get in touch with us today to meet with a seasoned Lake County disability lawyer who can review your case.

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