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When Is A Person Considered Disabled In Illinois?

Eligibility for Social Security Disability (SSD) depends on various factors, including the medical condition and work history of an individual. Disability by definition has to do with a person’s medical condition. When medical evidence establishes ongoing symptoms that make full-time work unfeasible for a year or more, a worker may meet the definition of disability for SSD purposes.

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If In Doubt, Apply For Benefits

Many people believe they cannot or should not apply for SSD because they can perform the duties of their jobs — sometimes. But if they cannot consistently keep up the pace for 40 hours a week over a year’s time, they may be considered disabled. The law requires that we prove that an applicant for SSD is unable to function at any type of work activity on a full-time basis. Age, education and skills are all taken into account in determining “ability.” A combination of multiple medical problems may amount to a determination of disability even if none of the individual medical conditions is, on its own, totally disabling.

Sample Situation

An example of a determination of disability might include a combination of the following medical conditions:

  • Back pain that makes sitting down all day long untenable
  • Diabetic neuropathy that makes it impossible for a worker to use his or her hand(s) all day long
  • Chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia that affects a person’s ability to concentrate and focus

Communicating honestly and thoroughly with your doctor is one of the most important things you can do as you seek to establish a determination of disability for purposes of collecting SSD when you are unable to work full time for a year or more. Some conditions, such as carpal tunnel or fibromyalgia, worsen over time. This is why it is critical to stay in touch with your doctor and bring all medical conditions to his or her attention at every medical appointment. Having an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer on your side can also be invaluable.

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