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The Chicago Technology Workers’ Disability Lawyers

While working with technology seems more low-maintenance compared to physically laborious work, the truth is that it can be just as demanding. When you’re facing a disabling medical condition, focusing on a screen for hours on end might not be possible and it can cause further harm to several parts of your body.

If you were previously a Chicago tech worker who can no longer work due to a disabling medical condition, then it’s time to find an excellent social security disability lawyer.

What Constitutes A Technology Worker?

More and more technology-based careers emerge each day as social media sites grow, apps are created, and new websites emerge online. These three factors don’t even begin to cover the expansive career umbrella that is considered to be part of the technology industry.

The jobs within these fields, however, often have very similar physical and mental demands from their workers. Just some of these include but are not limited to

  • Sitting for prolonged periods of time
  • Focusing intently on a screen for hours at a time
  • The ability to multi-task with project-based work
  • Enduring strict time management for project deadlines
  • Tackling urgent matters through critical thinking skills and intense strategy

When a technology worker has to endure a debilitating illness or condition that requires excessive use of their paid time off or a short term medical leave, they face serious consequences to their reputation with that technology company. Completing any of the above demands while enduring a disabling medical condition can also feel overwhelmingly difficult or impossible.

If you’ve recently been let go or are no longer able to work due to a serious medical condition, then you should consider applying for social security disability benefits.

Getting Started On Your Disability Claim

The Social Security Administration does not make the application process easy for any claimant. Most applications face months of long wait times only for the administration to find loopholes in their claim and reject them.

The best thing you can do, whether you’re applying for the first time or appealing your application, is to hire a seasoned social security disability attorney with an excellent success rate. Not only can this drastically increase your chances of successfully getting approved, but it can also make the process faster and easier.

Before your application is even submitted for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you and your experienced attorney need to gather the following pieces of evidence:

Related Medical Records – This includes doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and treatment methods used in an attempt to address your medical condition.

Records of Triggers or Episodic Nature of Your Condition – Not every debilitating medical condition affects a person’s life for 24 hours per day. That’s not to say some do, but for those conditions that appear because of a triggering event or that occur randomly, it would be wise to record those events through a diary or witness testimonials. While this isn’t necessarily a requirement nor a guaranteed component that could win your disability case, it can provide stronger evidence for your case.

Testimonials From Previous Employer(s) – If your employer witnessed or had to let you go because of how your medical condition was interfering with your work, then please allow your attorney to gather them for your case.

Not Being Able To Work or Function – There are basic tasks we should all be able to do to live our lives comfortably: go grocery shopping, walk up and down stairs, clean our homes, and work full-time positions. If your medical condition prevents you from completing most or all of those items, even with a career change or environmental accommodations, then you will have an even stronger case for long-term disability benefits.

Free Case Evaluations With Chicago’s Tech Worker Disability Lawyer

The law firm of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. has been fighting for long-term disability insurance claims for decades. While you focus on taking care of your health, we will fight tooth-and-nail to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

If you were previously a technology worker in Chicago, our disability law firm is here and ready to help you throughout the claims process. To see if your condition qualifies for disability insurance, we’ve created a list of the most common conditions classified by the Social Security Administration and their Blue Book Guide to Impairments. Contact our firm for your free case consultation and legal advice now.

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