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Chronic Fatigue

If you are thinking about filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits related to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or immune dysfunction syndrome, or if your claim for benefits has been denied, there are some very important things you should know.There are some distinct obstacles to overcome in establishing a claim for Social Security Disability related to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) because fatigue cannot be viewed through the lenses of a microscope or seen on an X-ray. At the law firm of The Law Offices of  Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd., located in Des Plaines, Illinois, we have assisted many clients in the successful pursuit of benefits associated with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

We have successfully represented clients nationwide in appealing the denial of their claims for Social Security Disability benefits related to chronic fatigue syndrome, and we can help you with your initial filing or your appeal if you simply contact our office online or by calling 888-529-0600.

Medical Documentation Necessary In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cases

In cases involving chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), the Social Security Administration (SSA) tends to make its determination based on a comprehensive overview of the medical evidence specific to your case. This medical evidence will include the extent and nature of the treatment provided by the various physicians who treat you and the clinical chart created for you at every visit.

Consequently, it is imperative that all of your medical records demonstrate a consistency of complaints common to your disease, such as the overwhelming fatigue, weakness and muscle aches, low-grade fevers and chronic headaches associated with your illness. This will help establish a specific pattern regarding your debilitating illness that will be apparent when the SSA reviews your case.

The Social Security Administration is not as interested in the diagnosis when reviewing your case; rather, it is looking for evidence to support the claim that fatigue associated with your disease rises to the level that impairs your ability to perform even the simplest daily tasks consistently.

We Understand

We understand how difficult it can be to grapple with colossal medical and governmental systems such as the Social Security Administration, especially when you are already struggling with the symptoms of a debilitating illness. We know, too, that establishing the validity of your claim can be extremely time-consuming, and that is where we can help!

Because it is essential that the medical professionals associated with your case are supportive during the process, and that they provide the documentation that is necessary to assist you in proving your claim, we would like to offer our assistance. Based on our familiarity with the process, our attorneys will be able to facilitate the vital cooperation and support you will need from your medical providers if you are to establish your claim for benefits. So, why not call us today?

Contact A Chicago SSDI Attorney For Chronic Fatigue

At the law firm of The Law Offices of Jeffrey A Rabin & Associates, Ltd., located in Des Plaines, Illinois, and serving SSDI and SSI claimants in Chicago, Illinois, and nationally, we understand that in addition to knowledge and experience, clients also need a supportive and comfortable environment in which to discuss their concerns.

We have helped many other clients in the successful pursuit of their claim for Social Security Disability benefits due to the devastating effects of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) on their lives, and we can help you, too. Isn’t it time you gave us a call?

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