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The Veterans Disability Attorneys of Chicago, Illinois

As a country, our freedoms would not be possible if it weren’t for the brave service our nation’s veterans have provided us with. Now, it is our turn to fight for them.

If you or a loved one served in the United States armed forces and are struggling to apply for social security disability benefits, please contact our experienced attorneys for help.

Veterans Disability Attorney Chicago, Illinois

What Is Veterans Disability Compensation?

If you developed an injury or disease while on active duty with the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Space Force, or Coast Guard, then you are owed benefits on behalf of the Veterans Disability Compensation. In addition to previously being an active service member, your disability claim should be valid as long as you were not dishonorably discharged.

Benefits from this funding source are also paid to specific veterans that are eligible through the VA Healthcare system.

How much a veteran can receive for their disability entirely depends on the severity of their disease or injury as well as the number of dependents they have.

To be eligible for these benefits, you’ll need to provide similar information that you would provide to the Social Security Administration:

  • A medical diagnosis.
  • Your medical history which depicts recurring symptoms despite treatment.
  • Testimonials illustrating how it affects your ability to work or complete daily tasks

Veterans will also need to show that their injuries or disease were connected to their active duty military status.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

The amount you receive entirely depends on the severity of your disability. Some of the most common injuries and diseases that can be worsened by or received during active duty include:

For more severe injuries such as a severed arm or leg, additional benefits might be paid out to the affected veteran.

What If My Disability Isn’t Deemed Eligible For This Funding Source?

If you’re not considered eligible for the Veterans Disability Compensation, please do not give up hope. Our experienced veterans’ disability lawyers in Chicago will utilize all of our resources so you can receive the benefits you deserve. We will stick with you throughout the claims process and appeals process, regardless of whether that involves the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Social Security Administration.

Seeking Illinois VA Disability Benefits

If you’re a disabled veteran in Illinois looking to achieve your VA benefits, enlist the help of our aggressive veterans’ attorneys at Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates. Our law firm will work around the clock to make sure all correspondence with government agencies, the court of appeals for veteran claims, and other legal entities will be completed promptly and thoroughly on your behalf.

For your free case evaluation, please call our law office or contact us online today.

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