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How To Get On Disability For A Traumatic Brain Injury

Published on March 16th, 2023

If you have been struggling to complete daily tasks or are unable to work due to traumatic brain injury (TBI), then you should consider applying for social security disability benefits.

It should be noted that the approval process for disability benefits is difficult to endure, especially if you’re applying on your own. That’s why you need to be prepared with as much information as you can gather for your application.

  1. Gather All Medical Evidence Related To Your TBI – This should include your diagnosis, medical visits with your doctor, hospital stays, physical therapy, and other medical attempts to treat your traumatic brain injury.
  2. Legal Documentation That Led To Your Diagnosis – If your traumatic brain injury was the result of a car accident or injury induced by another entity, then providing this evidence can help solidify the foundation of your case. If your TBI was not caused by another person or entity it would still be helpful to include any documentation about your initial injury.
  3. Testimonials From Caretakers & Former Employers – While these aren’t necessary for your application to be approved, they will help solidify your claim. These testimonials will not only show the severity of your symptoms and symptom management but also how both have affected your ability to work or function on your own.
  4. Follow Blue Book Guidelines for a TBI – If your case perfectly fits the criteria for a traumatic brain injury that qualifies for disability benefits, you will have a better chance of getting approved. It should be noted that if you don’t fully fall under this criteria, you aren’t completely disqualified from getting approved. This is where an experienced social security disability attorney could help.

Legal Help For Your Traumatic Brain Injury & Disability Benefits

Your chances of receiving disability benefits for your TBI can drastically improve if you hire an excellent social security disability attorney. Your lawyer will be able to organize all of the necessary documentation and correspond on your behalf. This will allow you to rest easy at home while your attorney pushes for your claim to be analyzed and approved.

If you’re looking for an excellent social security attorney in Illinois, look no further than Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates for help today.

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